Paul Ross has admitted fcuking a man for a year, sucking drugs off his face and dogging in a car park near his home. When asked what he was most embarrassed about, the married father of four said, “I still work for the BBC.”




So someone on 4Chan has released hacked nude photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, the Olson twins and Mila Kunis. One the one hand this is a disgraceful invasion of privacy but on the other hand………………..well that hand is busy.



I saw an article in the papers saying, “Have you seen this man?” with a little picture of the criminal and a number to call. I was bored so I rung them up and said, “No, I haven’t.”




Daley Blind signs for Manchester United.When asked where he would play, Louis van Gaal replied, “At this rate, I’d say in the Championship.”



I met a girl in a nightclub and told her, “I’m going to fcuk you in my bedroom, my bathroom, my kitchen and my lounge when we get back to mine.”She replied, “Wow! Let’s go – it’s good to find a man with such stamina these days.”For some reason, she didn’t seem too impressed when […]